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The Learning Curve

I had traded for a while on a part-time basis before I walked into my first day trading office at Protrader. I was amazed how much money people were making in there! Two guys my age on that day had each cleared $40k for the day in profits. WOW – how soon can I get up and running?!

I started out looking over a few different traders’ shoulders, watching their moves, mistakes, and profitable trades play out. I learned a lot for several weeks, mostly from their mistakes. I was emotionally detached from their trades, and I came to realize that my situation allowed me to think more clearly than they did in the heat of their battle.

After the first few weeks, my learning rate slowed. The next few months, I continued to learn, but it wasn’t brand-new to me anymore. I was getting a feel for things and able to recognize many conditions which I would have previously overlooked.

It’s now been over 5 years since that first day I walked into the Protrader office, and I’m still learning! The lessons are different now, and the market is my teacher rather than another trader. I’m still learning though, and I’m still in the game (there are 2 of us still trading out of about 35 in that office). I’ve learned a lot about the market and myself since that first day.

The learning curve for trading doesn’t happen overnight! Perhaps you know yourself very well but have some learning to do about the market and trading. Maybe you understand how to trade, but have some learning to do about yourself, your tendencies, and how to deal with them effectively. As you progress down the timeline as a trader, be patient and make learning a priority!

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Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.
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