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Links for a Day Off

With the market closed, it’s good to be able to do some catching up. Here’s a slew of links I’ve recently run across which you might find interesting while passing time on a quiet Monday.

The End of Boredom [1]

Mr. Rubik would be proud [2]

On again, off again….Make up your mind already! [3]

iPod on the road [4]

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover would be proud [5]

Daring to be Great: Trading Lessons from the “Splendid Splinter” [6]

Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty [7]

Jay Z would be proud [8]

Two Year Old called for Jury Duty [9]

Attention scalpers [10]

We must protect this house! [11]

I just lost my appetite [12]

But will they sound as good as the classics? [13]

Also, SeekingAlpha [14] is offering transcripts for Conference Calls this earnings season.

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