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Simplify Your Trading Layout

Trading platforms have come a long way in just a short time. Now you can set up your trading layout just the way you want it, reflecting all kinds of information back at you to enhance your decision-making process. It’s easier than ever to monitor positions, set a quick stop-loss order, and watch multiple timeframes with several charts. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that more is better!

Information overload is a widely-used term but it certainly applies to trading. I’ve known more than a few traders who suffer from paralysis by analysis. It’s easy to get so into the information that you fail to remember what it’s all there for – trading to make money! If you’re overcomplicating things and getting too wrapped up in making sure all the stars are aligned before you can pull the trigger on a good trade, then maybe it’s time to streamline your process.

Take a good look at the information your trading layout displays for you. Do you need it all? Are those indicators doing anything for you other than just adding color to the charts? Is there conflicting information which is regularly keeping you from capturing good moves in this market?

Start with the bare essentials for trading: a level 2 window, an open positions window, a chart of the futures, a chart for your stocks, and a ticker. Add only what you need to this list, and soon you’ll be able to monitor positions and market momentum without getting lost in the shuffle. Simplify your layout and spend your time and energy focusing on the tape this year rather than suffering from information overload!

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.
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