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Slow Movers Can Be Steady

Every stock moves differently than the next, and a big part of trading well includes matching your personality [1] with the personalities of the stocks [2] you trade.

After all, if you’re an impatient type-A person, you’re probably not trading MSFT because the thing moves so slowly. On the other hand, you may like the slow and steady type of stock because it fits your trading timeframe.

If the latter describes you and you’re a patient trader, check out IACI. It’s been in a steady uptrend [3] for many months now, and it’s just now trying to break out of a bullish ascending triangle pattern [4]. That should spell upside continuation for the stock if the pattern is confirmed. I see an earnings date set for 2/8/07, and I would be out of this trade by then as that could have a big impact on this stock one way or another. Here’s a look at the chart:

Ascending Triangle Pattern [5] (Click for full size.) Chart Courtesy of TeleChart [6].

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