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Just Buy Something!

Huge up days in the market like today have amazing power. Ordinary investors love them, because everything they own goes up. Traders sometimes hate them though, because underperformance can be common.

It almost never fails that on days when the market makes a giant move, my friends or family will inquire about how great my day was. It isn’t always what they might think. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences. Some of the best days even come when “the market” does very little, which is funny. But back to the topic….

Days of big point gains leave underperforming traders feeling like they need to JUST BUY SOMETHING so that they can participate in the move. That’s not always the solution, because if you’re a disciplined trader there are certainly days when the stocks you look at for possible trades simply don’t fit your criteria. So if you happen to underperform on a day like today, consider a couple of concepts which may help you get beyond the frustration of “missing out.”

* Walk away. It’s a choice each of us have as traders. Just shut down the PC and get out of your chair. Some days you don’t have it, so don’t force it if that’s the case. Maybe it’s you, or maybe it’s the market, but either way the bottom line is you’re not making bank. Come back and fight another day.

* Trade ETF’s. Sure they move slower than many of the high-beta names you might prefer to trade, but they are a definite solution that allows you to participate directly in large market moves. You can leverage up to offset the slower percentage moves, plus they’re liquid as can be so that makes them easy to jump into and out of.

* Be confident in tomorrow. I’ve had some great days right after major market advances like today. It’s funny, but I don’t really trade the mega-cap Dow components like many of which were leaders today. I like to trade lots of secondary stocks, and on days like today those are often an afterthought. Often times the following day, the mega-caps will cool off but traders are still just as eager to buy something. They turn to the secondary stocks, and that’s when you can knock out some nice gains.

Trade well Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.
Swing Trading & Day Trading Service

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