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Staying Connected to the Market

The holidays are just around the corner, and for me that means some travel to visit family in other cities. Fortunately, that doesn’t require having to be out of touch with the market. When things heat up on the trading front like they have been lately, I have a hard time stepping away from it!

Whenever I leave town for the holidays, I travel with my laptop and can visit some “hotspots” or just connect at wherever I’m staying if I really need to get online. Even better, I have internet access on my Treo smartphone. The Treo is great for staying connected, and I really like the email and internet features of it. However, trading is the most important option it provides me.

I have accounts with brokers who provide a streamlined way to trade and/or monitor positions by way of my Treo. My primary broker lets me pull up a simplified version of their trading platform to monitor positions and real-time P&L, keep watch lists, and even close out all open positions (bail) with the push of one button! How cool is that?! Your broker probably offers something similar, so ask them if they have a streamlined mobile link which can load faster just for this purpose. After all, being out of your element these days doesn’t mean you can’t keep tabs on the market or your positions.

So if you need something useful to add to your holiday gift idea list, put a web-enabled phone or PDA on the list with a data plan. Whether it’s an iPhone, Blackberry or Treo, it is great knowing that although you might physically be away from the PC that you’ll still be connected to the market whenever you have the need.

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