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Now on Twitter

Knowing that Twitter probably ‘tipped’ some time ago, I have nonetheless been reluctant to join the ranks of Twitter just because I was afraid it might be a time sponge.  And with much more going on in life besides trading, my time is valuable – just like yours.twitter-gray [1]

But as a semi-early adopter [2] in the world of blogging (guys like Charles Kirk [3] and TraderMike [4] both began before me), I knew it would be something that might make me better.  A better trader, a better writer, and better at interacting with those in the trading community.  The trading community is kind of a small world when you get down to it, and I love being in the conversation if there is one.

So, just wanted to punch out a quick post to let you know that I’m now on Twitter and you can follow me @thestockbandit [1] if you’re on there too.  I’ll be putting up some thoughts & ideas there, some quality links worth checking out, and I definitely hope to have some good conversations with you as well!

See you there!

Jeff White
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