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Huge News at TheStockBandit.com

Occasionally, it’s my pleasure to get to deliver some great news here on the blog.

At the beginning of this year, I introduced you to the Trading Videos [1] site over at TheStockBandit.TV.  Then in the spring, I got to show you the stock trading course [2] at TheStockBanditUniversity.com, a video-on-demand training course for beginning traders.

Well, today I get to do it again with the announcement of a brand new website at the heart of our network, TheStockBandit.com [3].  The new look is indeed cosmetically striking.  It’s cleaner, more streamlined, and straightforward.  A huge improvement, and I want you to see it.thestockbandit-new-site [3]

Along with the new look comes the best part – new functionality.

It used to be on the old site that members logged into a Member Area which was sequestered from the rest of the site.  Every feature was found in a different location, which meant it was hard to navigate and easy to get confused!

The new site works more like a blog, with anything new hitting the top of the members-only area – that way, our subscribers are continually seeing what’s new.  It’s fantastic.  There’s even the ability to interact and comment right there inside The Bandit Hideout [4].  (Catchy name, yes, but appropriate!)

So head on over and check it out [3] – we are excited to show it off!  And by the way, all the usual free resources and trading education [5] info made the transition too, so those pages of chart patterns [6] and trading strategy [7] outlines are still there.

One last thing… we dumped our database of former members.

That sounds bad, but it’s actually VERY good because you can start another free trial – even if you already received one on the old site.  It’s only logical that with a new site, everyone gets a freebie.

So, I’ll see you in The Bandit Hideout!

Jeff White

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