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Disgusteddisgusted-trading [1]

It’s a word you probably learned in junior high when someone paid that kid $5 to eat frito pie from the cafeteria trash can.

But it’s a word you still experience.

You hate the way you feel, so you start eating better. You hate how your yard looks, so you get more diligent at mowing, fertilizing, and watering it.  You’re sick of that relationship being on bad terms, so you make amends and try harder going forward.

Trading can be the same way.  It can leave you wondering what you’re missing.  The market acts or moves a certain way for so long, then shifts on a dime. You’re left feeling clueless and out of sync.  You’re hemorrhaging capital, and you have no idea how to stop it.  You’re completely disgusted with it.

Disgust isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. Mind you, it sure isn’t a good way to feel, but it can produce some  incredible results – if you know how to use it.

Channeling Disgust into Diversity

What you’re about to read may disturb you, but here goes…

Embrace it.

Disgust is usually the rock-bottom spot where you’re finally ready to do some changing…of your attitude, of your expectations, of your approach.  Most of us have to get to that place before we’re willing to make a change.

Until we’re there, it’s just too easy to tell ourselves “I’m just out of rhythm” or “this market is just acting strange” or “things will get back on track any day now.”  Uh huh.  What if the market stays strange for a while, or what if you don’t find your ‘rhythm’ quickly?  You’re in big trouble, right?

Perhaps the greatest opportunity born out of disgust is that of diversity.  When we hate the results we’re getting, we either continue to get them (by not changing), or we expand our horizons and learn some new approaches.  Those are the 2 choices we have.

When it comes to trading, those new approaches might include different trading methods we’ve heard about or considered, but have not yet committed to.  Or it might involve different timeframes for trades.  When day trading isn’t offering much, shifting out to a swing trading timeframe can often make all the difference in the world.  That’s why it’s so important for us to diversify as traders [2].

Dual Benefits

When you shift your approach from one which isn’t working to another method, you’re going to see some short-term changes in your results.  Often times that’s going to mean instant improvement, which is quite refreshing.  It brings you out of your funk almost immediately, so your attitude is also likely to be better.

But what’s even better is that as you learn another method, you’re that much more equipped down the road to make a shift when conditions call for it.  Because you’ve now recognized what isn’t working, and which conditions prompted a change, you’ll be able to identify similar shifts the next time around, and you’ll now know better how to adapt.  Win/win.

So if you’re currently feeling rather disgusted with your trading, I’m aware that it’s no fun – I’ve been there too.  But if you want out of that mode, then don’t wallow in your sorrows any longer.  Get on the move and start finding and employing some new styles and strategies – the ones you’re using are costing you too much in capital and confidence to continue using them right now.  Keep them in the bag for later, but channel your disgust into a desire to develop new approaches [3], and you’ll be glad you did.

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