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A Good Market

Every trader is different from the next in our timeframe or directional bias or risk tolerance.  That’s what makes a market, so it’s a good thing.  We’re also each unique individuals, so it’s no surprise we might each have differing definitions of our favorite market conditions.

Regardless of what your ideal market looks like, it may only come around a couple of times per year.  You’ll of course need to make the most of it when those conditions are present, but what about the rest of the time?  Isn’t it important for us to capitalize on a good market?

Of course it is, but not everyone understands what that looks like.

Today I want to point out a post from the archives that’s every bit as pertinent to current market conditions as it was when it was first written.  Check out this post for a few items to watch for that’ll improve the trading conditions when they arrive – and they will arrive.

Here’s the post:  What Makes a Good Trading Market? [1]

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Jeff White
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