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What it Means to ‘Trade Like A Bandit’

I cap off every post and free video with the phrase ‘Trade Like A Bandit!‘  Some get that, others don’t.  This post is for the latter group!

While teaching in Dallas recently [1], an attendee casually said to me prior to my presentation, “TheStockBandit…huh…just like Wall Street?”  No.  I explained that he couldn’t be more wrong to compare my style or what our trader education business is about to the crooked suits who aim to dupe investors Madoff-style into handing over their money.

The guy had no clue what’s in the name TheStockBandit, so I explained to him that day what it meant.  In case some of you don’t get it either, I felt it was appropriate to clarify here as well so that there are no misconceptions of what the name is all about.

Here goes…

Think of the great heist movies…Ocean’s 11, The Italian Job, etc.  In them, we see that the best bandits plan the hit extensively.  They mock up the situation, review scenarios which may unfold, and determine how they’ll handle them.

Then they execute that plan with total precision, even if it means making some adjustments along the way.

In turn, they get away safely and move on to the next job.

That’s exactly how I like to trade.

I want to plan for what might happen in the trade, and do my homework to locate the best setups (targets) in which to allocate capital.  Then I need to have the discipline to execute that plan, stay objective throughout, and make any logical adjustments along the way in order to protect myself and my profits as the trade progresses.  That allows me to get away (exit the trade) and then shift my attention to the next opportunity.

It’s a blend of survival and protection.  I’m ensuring that when a trade goes wrong, I don’t have to surrender any more than is absolutely necessary…I simply abort (stop out).  It allows me to survive, to stay flexible, and to maneuver again when an opportunity arises.  And when I’m right, I’m capturing those gains and then shifting to the next play.

The word ‘Bandit’ has a negative connotation to some, but that isn’t the case here.  I’m not ‘the stock magician’ fooling people with smoke and mirrors, or ‘the stock thief’ pulling the wool over people’s eyes in order to take advantage of anyone.  I’m not out to con anyone – I just want to make great trades.  Like a Bandit – because it works.  Come trade with us [2] and see what I mean.

Trade Like a Bandit!

Jeff White
Producer of The Bandit Broadcast [3]

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