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Week 13 Trades Review (Video)

Week 13 saw the indexes base, which was healthy, but there were still some short-term profits to be had.

We caught some nice trades for the week inside the Bandit Hideout [1], so I wanted to offer a video recap of each of them. Once again, the numbers game of trading proved essential as a few stopped trades were offset by some nice winners. Diversifying trading directions, timeframes and strategies has some big advantages.

This show-and-tell look at the trades I took this week should give you a feel for not only how I managed my trades, but also the kinds of setups which have been working well of late. And for those curious about our trading style in the member area [2], this should give you a good indication of what a typical week looks like. Check out the trial if you’re interested in adding our ideas to your own.

(Direct video link is here [3] for those interested in embedding it elsewhere to share).

Be sure to view in HD (720P) and full-screen mode for best quality in the video.

Trade Like a Bandit!

Jeff White
Producer of The Bandit Broadcast [1]

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