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Great Expectations Series – Introduction

Welcome to my Great Expectations Series on trading!

Whether you’re a beginning trader or a veteran, there’s something every trader has in common – an expectation of where we are headed. Yes, goals are certainly part of our expectations, but there is much more to it than merely goals. Working toward meeting your expectations will require that you take stock of where you are right now, structure the proper trading plan of attack for you, and then setting up the details and goals as you navigate your way down the path toward profits.

So in the coming days, we’ll take a closer look at topics that relate to our expectations when it comes to trading. We’ll do more than scratch the surface of each one, hopefully, without getting so deep that we lose our focus, which is the sum of the parts that come together to build our expectations.

I’ve written a number of posts in the past about such topics as Trading Without Emotion, Trading your Personality, Goal Number 1, Trading Goals, Doing Your Homework, How Much to trade and even When Not to Trade. This series will be an attempt at going a bit deeper on these topics as well as tying them all together for the benefit of any trader, regardless of timeframe or trading experience.

Beginning traders in particular should find some food for thought here, but I haven’t forgotten the veterans! I’ve been trading for 8 years, and many of these ideas will serve as reminders to myself as I go down the list, so I’m certainly hopeful that the rest of you experienced traders will gain some insights as well!

Now I sure don’t know it all, and the market continues to teach me plenty of lessons (Will it ever stop?)! In fact, I welcome your interaction throughout this series (as always), knowing that you’ll have insights which can improve my trading too. So anytime you have comments please feel free to share them with us all, as I would very much like this to be a good exchange of ideas all around.

Next stop: Part 1, where we’ll do a personal inventory of a few things which every trader should know at all times!

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Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.

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  1. Wow! That’s lots of experience.

    I am a beginner trader exploring the possibility of stock trading for wealth. I am sure your knowledge shared will be very helpful.

    I am looking forward to your valuable advice.

    Many Thanks!

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