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July 2010 Swing Trades – Video Review

July started out with new correction lows, elevated fear, and charts which looked awful.  It ended much better, with a solid rebound taking place throughout the month.  That spelled opportunity, which was nice.

Over at the main site, we posted another good month of trading to build even more consistency as we took a stick-and-move approach.  That involved both long and short-sided plays, most of which worked out quite well.  We took just a couple of hits, both of which were kept to a minimum, and easily overshadowed by all the other profitable trades.

So in this post, I just wanted to give you a look at how each trade unfolded and walk you through not only the entries and exits, but also the rationale behind each play.

Let me suggest going full-screen with the ‘HD’ option for best quality in the video.

Trade Like a Bandit!

Jeff White
Producer of The Bandit Broadcast

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  1. Very nice trading! It’s always smart to use profit targets as well as protective stops!

    Looks like you had a very good month of trading, keep up the great trading.


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