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Take Time to Rest & Relax

This week I’m on vacation – and how sweet it is!  But I’m still going to deliver some goods for you to read here…every day, actually, so keep coming back.

Today I wanted to discuss the importance of stepping away from the screens from time to time to rest up and recharge.  The market will always be there when we return, but if we trade with fatigue of any sort (physical, mental, or emotional), we’ll be far from our best.  That brings suffering to both our confidence and emotions – both of which we need in this game.

As you well know, trading is very demanding, so for us to show up each day with our full focus, we have to stay rested and avoid burnout.

I felt this post from the past was particularly pertinent to the current market environment.  We’ve seen lots of day-to-day indecision, some sizeable gaps, and some wide-ranging bars in both directions lately.  That’s not allowing many stocks to establish quality bases, which means the opportunity that’s out there is rather narrow at the moment.  That will at some point change, but for the time being this is a good time to step away and let some of the dust settle.

Check out this post:  The View From the Hammock for more of my thoughts on R&R.

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