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Elevating Your Odds

Each of us would say we want every advantage possible in our favor, regardless of the activity.  But a closer look at your trades would likely reveal occasions where you didn’t quite wait for all the elements of your trading plan to come together.

Perhaps that’s out of impatience or anxiety, but we’ve all done it and either suffered diminished returns from lowering our standards or we’ve implemented some poor habits which came back to bite us later.

When it comes to daytrading, our greatest odds for success come when we combine multiple favorable conditions before placing trades.  That might be locating setups which point to the same outcome on multiple timeframes, or it might be considering the overall market environment and trading in such a way that we’re not fighting that.

Go check out this post from the archives which has both a written explanation & a video showing you what I mean, because the key is to Stack the Odds for Daytrading Success.

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