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Conservative Confidence


Rotella has a chapter in his book [2] with the title, Conservative Strategy, Cocky Swing. The idea is to select a conservative strategy which will allow you to confidently execute it. Trading offers many different methods to find profits (even if they’re all hard to find), so why not pick one you’ve got confidence in? Every golfer can relate to those holes which tempt you to stretch your abilities. Some holes require that you hit your very best drive in order to cut the corner, but standing on that tee box with a shred of doubt will almost always leave you in trouble! Laying up with a 3-wood will give you a much larger target, and you’ll swing more confidently. Similarly, you can trade too big for your own good, but that will likely just lead to mistakes and errors in judgment as every tick is just too expensive to bear. Back down your size a bit and approach the trade with a clearer head – you’ll find that your exits will improve drastically because you’re thinking about the process rather than the result.

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