About Jeff White


I’m Jeff White, the founder of, a subscription-based stock pick website catering to active traders.

I started trading back in 1998, and I’m a full-time independent trader for my own account. I love the market!

Here on my blog, I discuss trading topics and concepts of all kinds. One day I might discuss chart patterns and their relevancy to trading, and another day I may discuss a general idea like taking profits or knowing when to step back from the screens.

Whatever it is, I am reminding myself of important concepts at the same time that I write them for you, so this is good therapy! As a full-time trader, I face the same challenges you do. It’s tough out there!

While I do run a premium stock pick service and have had success in doing so, I sure don’t have all the answers! My opinion is that good trading is part method, part psychology, and part money management. Consistent profits are the result of a good blend of these, so it’s important to work on them all.

Take your time and have a good look around while you’re here. I hope you find something useful here to apply to your own quest for profits.  For more about me and my trading style, see this post.

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Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.