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The Day After

Secondary stocks can often make huge moves if you know what to look for.

Tuesday was a great trading day for us at You wouldn’t know it by glancing at the market. The NAZ was up 3 points, the S&P was up 5, and the RUT was up 1. In fact, you’d probably think that Monday was a big day and Tuesday was rather quiet.

It’s funny how that often works, but it’s just a function of the kinds of stocks we trade. We like to trade the names which are a little more obscure. Occasionally we’ll trade the biggies like AAPL and GOOG, but they are so dominated by the big funds that it’s harder to know what’s really going on with those stocks on a given day, not to mention they rarely make big percentage moves (which is the best measure of a move). Furthermore, options play a huge role in how the big names move, and you can never be sure if a lasting move is taking place or if it’s just part of the aftermath from the shifting or unloading of a large position held by institutions. They make for good day trading stocks, but they’re not ideal for swing trading.

A Different Breed

The stocks we tend to play are a little more secondary. Yes, they move well and have plenty of volume (our minimum volume cutoff is around 200k/day avg.), but the moves tend to be cleaner (and usually much larger) than the bigger names and that means a huge difference to the bottom line by the end of the month!

These secondary stocks often catch some nice follow through moves on days after the market averages make a jump, which means that some of our best days actually come after a big market move. When other traders are looking to play “follow the leader” the day after a big surge, it brings more activity into the stocks we are often already positioned in. This makes for some nice account growth on days when the broader market may be pulling back or just catching its breath.

So, the next time you feel like you’re missing out on a big market move, don’t discount the possibilities for the next session! There are a ton of stocks out there poised to move if you will do your homework and just find them. Believe me, they are out there!

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.

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