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Parabolic Blowoff Top

It’s been 7 years since we saw a lot of these chart patterns emerge, but even today there are stocks which get in uptrends at steeper and steeper angles until, POP, the party ends. These moves don’t happen frequently, but when they do there are some big opportunities for pain and gain in both directions.

TNH has been trending higher for many months now, and recently this one went parabolic. As the stock continued to advance, bases were built and breakouts were produced time and time again. Without a sufficient resting phase for the stock, the pace of the climb continued to accelerate until the stock was moving up at a near-vertical rate. Once the ascent reached a climax, the path of least resistance became down.

There is a great deal of psychology at work in a move like this, and it impacts those on both sides of the trade. Buyers see gains stack up at a dizzying pace, and more momentum players quickly join the chase. This produces some stellar gains in a very brief amount of time, which feeds the rush. Those who want to fade the move and short sell into the strength quickly get squeezed, watching their losses mount rapidly as panic sets in. The shorts begin to cover, adding fuel to the fire as the stock reaches stratospheric levels. And once everyone has finally made their buys, the music stops and there’s not enough chairs. There’s nobody left to provide demand for the stock, so everyone rushes for the exits at once, producing a spectacular reversal with record volume.

TNH is a perfect example of what a blowoff top looks like after a parabolic run. This one image shows both fear and greed, and it says “stay away” for the next little while as this stock tries to get its bearings.

(Click on chart for full-size image)

Staying greedy in a big trade or trying to fade a powerful move too early can be costly, so keep your wits about you when you see explosive moves like this. If you don’t, you’ll be padding someone else’s trading account!

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