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Breather Becomes a Beating

Last week I mentioned that the bulls were taking a breather, but the weak-to-choppy price action turned decisively sour on Friday as the selling intensified and the bulls got hammered to the tune of 2.5% or more across the board.

Obviously this implies more weakness in the short term and the need for further resting action before the buyers get back in gear, so the key at this point becomes capital preservation. Trying to catch this dip can mean getting your head handed to you, so be patient with new buys if you venture into the market on the long side. Then again, as individual traders we have the luxury of waiting for things to stabilize before buying again, so embrace that advantage. The big funds simply don’t have our agility.

As your trading week begins, be sure to check out this week’s Market View page over at before you start your trading week for a closer look at the indexes and some chart comments which were posted this evening.

Trade well this week and always protect your precious trading capital!

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.
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