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Trading Video – Looking for Explosive Breakouts

Here’s another video of a trading lesson I learned in the market today.

Because I trade a lot of breakout patterns, the more characteristics I can find which point to an explosive move, the better! Today’s video discuses exactly that.

Feel free to share it if you’re a fellow blogger, the embed code is on the YouTube page.

Without further delay, here’s today’s video. Enjoy the show!

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.
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  1. Do you use a buy stop above the resistance trendline for entry on these breakouts?

  2. Hey David, yes I use buy stops above trend line resistance levels for entries on breakouts. I do that because I want to catch the stock on the way up, rather than buy it on weakness and hope for a turnaround. That allows me to only put my cash to work when there is an imminent expected reward.

    Trade well today!


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