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Reversal Characteristics & Candidates

Stocks can reverse suddenly or slowly.  Sometimes it takes place in one big bar, and other times it’s a process that occurs over time.

Because there are differences in how downside reversals can happen, after running across a couple of reversal candidates in the charts, I wanted to share a couple here on the blog.

Uptrends will often times be followed by corrective action, which may pave the way for further upside down the road.  But a reversal is often a longer-lasting change of direction, and that’s what I’d like to discuss in this post.

When looking for reversal candidates, the thing to watch for is a change of character.  Something that’s different from previous dips and stands out as a potential shift in the stock.  That might be a lower high, or it might be a sudden decline which proves to be much sharper and faster than previous pullbacks were.

Show & Tell

In the video below, I want to point out 2 stocks which might be undergoing reversals.  That means there’s plenty more to prove before they can be considered to be in corrective mode (as opposed to merely a dip within their uptrends), but chart reading is always a work in progress.  If the characteristics which we’re seeing now happen to change, then so should our expectation.

For now though, let’s take a look at what’s going on and see if these show us the necessary price moves to confirm what the charts of FUQI and RL may already be saying.

Here’s a video explaining it. Select the HD option and go full-screen for best quality:

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you here soon with more. Until then…

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