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Two Ranges to Watch

Last week we saw an important test of the March lows in the NAZ and RUT, while the S&P 500 held slightly above support from the spring.  Those March lows give us a well-defined area to trade against, even if it’s a long way back up to the May highs.  Stated otherwise, we may have just carved out the low end of a very wide range.

But that’s not the only range found in this market.  We also have the NAZ caught between the 2700 area (late-Feb low & mid-April low) and the 2600 area.  It’s working its way back up toward 2700, so the key will be if that level can be reclaimed on a closing basis.

Here’s a look at the NAZ, including both the wide and narrower ranges previously mentioned:


Chart courtesy of TeleChart

The S&P 500 has a slightly different situation here as it held above the March low and is currently flirting with the 1294 area which has proven important.  We saw the late-Feb selloff end at that level, as well as the mid-April pullback finding support at 1294.  More recently, that level was broken on June 6 and has yet to be reclaimed on a closing basis.  A push back up through there could certainly help this index, although it still has plenty of rebuilding work to do.  It has a higher intermediate-term low in place for now (June vs. March), but still stands a considerable distance from prior bounce levels (most notably 1345 from May 31).

Here’s a look at the S&P 500 chart along with the noteworthy levels right now:


Chart courtesy of TeleChart

Needless to say, this market remains interesting and there should be no shortage of movement going forward.

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