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Day Trading Headlines

Anytime headlines come out on a stock you’re trading, you’ll probably know it. Today I was long CHNR when a negative headline hit and this stock changed character quickly. When that happens, it’s best to remember the day trader’s motto: “sell now and ask questions later!” With commissions so cheap these days for direct access trading, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry when it comes to headlines.

I had highlighted CHNR as a long candidate in my stock newsletter last night with a buy point of $16.80. This momentum stock had settled into a powerful bull pennant pattern, and an upside breakout was the swing trading buy point.

Bull Pennant

Today, CHNR caught a bid during the morning and quickly advanced, hitting my buy point and moving higher by another 9.5% in just 2 hours time. With a nice profit on my screen in such a short amount of time, I took partial profits on the way up and had planned to ride the rest as a swing trade position.

Momentum stock

During lunchtime, however, a headline hit the wires which was picked up by my news feed that CHNR would have to seek continued listing by filing a new listing application with Nasdaq. This was major news, and the stock began to react in a hurry. My ticker went solid red and I knew it was time to take my remaining profits now that the landscape had changed so drastically. While I don’t mind giving an active stock some room to move, it was the fact that a significant headline had come out that caused me to sell.

Sell the news

Keep a close eye on trades even when they are working! Don’t be afraid to take partial profits into unusual strength to book some gains, and be willing to walk away if fundamental news surfaces. The market doesn’t always act rationally, because traders will almost always sell now and ask questions later.

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.

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