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CyberTrader Pro

Bar none, it is the most important thing when it actually comes down to placing and monitoring your trades – the trading platform.

Trading is my job, and I want to be using the best tools available for my specific needs. Having said that, I’ve tried out plenty of trading platforms along the way, and the platform of choice for me is CyberTrader Pro. I’m asked frequently which broker I trade through. Here are a few reasons why I am with CyberTrader:

* Superior customer service. CyberTrader has a very nifty chat feature embedded within the software which allows you the trader to click one button and instantly be chatting with a live help representative. What’s better, you the trader are assigned to a specific group within CyberTrader’s staff, so often times you’re chatting with the same person when you go for Live Help. This simplifies many processes, including having to dial in on an 800-number and get a person on the line (which of course is available also if you want it). Having Live Help literally at my fingertips has saved me immeasurable time.

* Conditional Orders. CyberTrader has an incredible array of conditional alerts & orders already set up within their software. Additionally, you the trader can create your own based on numerous criteria which you want in place before an order goes live. You can include volume, time, price, bid/ask, last price, and a host of other inputs when setting up your conditional alerts and orders. All alerts are server-held, meaning they remain active even after you logoff, which is a huge benefit in case you ever have a computer or connection problem. I have written before about how I use CyberTrader Conditional Alerts & Conditional Orders all the time, and I still don’t know how a trader could get by without them.

* Great execution. Simply stated, getting filled at the price you expect to be filled at when you enter an order is a necessity when selecting a broker, and CyberTrader delivers for me daily.

* Price. CyberTrader’s commission structure is great and offers traders the choice between per share pricing or per trade pricing. Although it’s true that if you trade high volume anywhere you should be able to negotiate a great commission rate, I still think CyberTrader starts out at a great spot for everyone. CyberTrader Elite is also available for high-volume traders.

* Software tools. Not only is the CyberTrader Pro platform fully customizable, they offer some excellent tools which I couldn’t trade without. These include the High/Low window which filters only stocks which meet price & volume criteria, Level 2 options data and advanced options, tabbed charting (great for saving screen space if needed), the CyberQuant Stock Screener which allows screening stocks based on over 90 criteria to filter out just what you want to see.

At the end of the day, regardless of which stock trading strategy you employ, you have to have a software platform that provides the features and functionality you need, and is stable enough to trust for your trading. For me, it’s CyberTrader Pro.

CyberTrader Elite

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.

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  1. Jeff,

    Great post. I currently use Interactive Brokers since they provide a Java-based programming API where I can just automate my trading. The only issue is that they seem to have a small inventory of stocks to short. Does CyberTrader share the same inventory of stocks to short with the regular Schwab clients (I’m assuming that Schwab has a huge inventory)?


  2. Hey Brant,

    Yes CyberTrader also offers an API for traders who know how to use it. As for short inventory, Schwab does it’s own clearing but CyberTrader clears through Penson, so it isn’t the identical list. I mentioned the Live Help chat, which is a fast way to have Client Support locate shares to short in those rare cases when shares aren’t readily available.

    Thanks for your comments!


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