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Charting App for Android – Finally!

tc-mobileI became a smartphone user back in 2004, and for all this time I’ve waited for a charting app that was suitable for me.  I’ve long been able to manage positions and place trades from my phone, but what’s been lacking has been a customizable, high-quality, dedicated charting app – until now.

Worden has delivered excellent charting products for decades (I’ve been a Worden user since the 90’s), and now they have a charting app in the Android Market (iPhone app coming soon), TC2000 Mobile.

I downloaded it today, and it instantly exceeded my hopes for what it might do.  I had expected to be able to punch in symbols and pull up a chart or customize the look of the chart or timeframe, but was blown away when I realized it has all of MY watchlists from TC already in there – AND all my chart templates!

A few of my favorite features:

  • View your personal WatchLists in real-time
  • Run your EasyScans with your custom settings on the go
  • “Spacebar” through your WatchList charts by swiping right & left
  • Read the evening Worden Reports

The newest version of TC2000 is a go-anywhere, access anywhere (desktop, browser, and now mobile app) version that’s getting better every week with added features and regular improvements.  It’s just coming out of beta, and I’m thoroughly impressed with what it already offers.

Screenshots of the new TC2000 Mobile charting app:



The TC2000 Mobile charting app is available through Gold or Platinum service levels, so if you’re one of the many thousands of TC2000 users with an Android phone (or soon on the iPhone), this is a must-have trader app!

**Update:  iPhone app now available in app store.

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  1. Not sure if it runs on Android, but ‘ChrartsLive’ at has the best iPhone charts with multiple indicators and timeframes.. The one big drawback is the 20 minute delay… But I still use it for entry/exits… As good as anything on a desktop IMO.

    @Urbane_Gorilla ;=)

  2. BTW .. Nice to see Worden actually produce this.. They promised it 2 years ago and every time I asked about it the service techs didn’t know what I was talking about… Even when I sent them the link to their own article …LMAO!


  3. Thanks for stopping by John. I actually didn’t even know it was coming until today, so it was quite a nice surprise to me! Best part is there is no delay, it’s all real-time, and that’s all I had found in other apps.

  4. Looking forward to getting out of my iPhone contract. Not sure if I’ll go Android. I like the idea of sticking with Windows …. There are other ways to trade real time on the iPhone though … I use iTeleport which allows me to see and control my desktop over wifi or 3G… It has all the features, mouse, pinch etc and I can watch my StrategyDesk, click on stocks to change the display and enter trades as well as watching Twitter or whatever fits..

    I like Worden’s products and do use … Shame their customer service doesn’t even know what they are developing. LOL!

  5. Good news, especially since the iPhone version is ‘coming soon’. I hope it works as well as the new TC2000 on my Mac. It’s already great I don’t have to use Windows (Parallels) for trading anymore. Can’t wait for the iOS version, would be great if they would make it suitable for the iPad too.

  6. I can’t speak for Worden, but it makes sense that if an iPhone version is released there would be an iPad version as well.

  7. iPhone version of TC2000 is now in the app store, FYI.

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