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Embracing Market Changes

The market is ever-changing, both in what it fixates on and in how it moves.  At times it’s earnings, at other times it’s politics, and still other times it’s the economy.  Sometimes it sprints, sometimes it crawls, and sometimes it jumps back and forth across the same line to get nowhere.

As traders, it’s this constant change which actually provides us with serious opportunity.  The long-term buy-and-hope type doesn’t have a different approach for profiting from a momentum market vs. a sharp correction.  You as a trader do, so embrace that!

When it’s time to adapt, be willing to do it.  The same old patterns might not work, so at times you’ll need to modify what you’re looking for and go with something a little different.  Experience will teach you this, but right alongside that is your ongoing willingness to listen to the market and identify what’s working.

I want you to check out this post from the archives where I talk about Profiting From Market Changes – you’ll learn from it.

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