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One of the many harsh realities of trading is that it takes a lot of intentional effort.

That means you intentionally prepare (both mentally and with an actual game plan), you intentionally execute (have the discipline to stick with your method), and you intentionally improve (by reviewing results, keeping an open mind, working with other traders to expand your abilities, etc.).

The fact of the matter is that if your competition is outgunning you, the way to start having more success is by outworking them.

When I was in 8th grade, I decided to take up golf.  Being in a town with a huge presence of great players (including 8 PGA Tour pro’s), I had an uphill battle given that so many of my peers had already been pursuing the game for a few years.  They were better than me, and I knew I had to outwork them in order to catch up to them or surpass them.

The same mindset applies to your trading.  If your competition is getting the best of you, then you’ve gotta step up your game and work harder.  Don’t be afraid of it, nothing worth doing is ever easy.

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Jeff White
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