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Shifting from Smart to Equipped

One of the things I love about TheStockBandit University is the opportunity to interact with the traders who enroll in the courses.  As they’re learning and asking questions, I have the chance to see the light bulb go on when things begin to click for them.  It’s very rewarding.

Recently a trader reached out to share his thoughts with me mid-way through the courses, and I just couldn’t help but share it with you here.  This is what he wrote:

“I have just finished the “basic” course. I thought I would have a lot of questions, and I would be pestering you with emails along the way, but I have no questions. You answered them all and many besides.  Perhaps, you gave me the skills and confidence to answer my own questions. Something happened anyway.

The “basic course” is very comprehensive. I’m excited now. I have gleaned lots of ideas from your presentation to improve my trading plan.

I’ve been to university, I have a degree in medicine. I can’t remember though, ever coming across such an excellent teacher. I suspect your teaching is spawning leaders in the field rather than followers.

On with the Advanced Course now. Can’t wait!

That is so cool.  This already smart trader is now equipped – and there’s a huge difference.  That’s exciting to me, that the work I put into the courses is paying off for this trader.  More importantly, his own efforts in the learning process are rewarding him with the ability to be self-directed in the markets.  He’s no longer a slave to a single trading style.  He no longer needs the market to do something specific in order to find success.

I rarely share testimonials here with you, but this was one I had to pass along for those of you who are on the fence when it comes to taking the next step toward becoming a self-directed, complete trader.  Our stock trading courses are risk free – there is zero barrier to kicking the tires.  Enroll today and find out for yourself what it’s like to be prepared for whatever the market throws at you.

Trade Like a Bandit!

Jeff White
Producer of The Bandit Broadcast

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