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What TheStockBandit is About

I don’t make it clear often enough here just what TheStockBandit is all about, so I wanted to take the time in this post to clearly explain.

We have a network of sites which are all dedicated to making better traders.

On the free end, we have the blog here with currently over 700 articles and free videos – with more being added every week.  Thanks to those of you who never miss a post – I’ll continue to put out my best even if your readership is as far as this relationship ever goes.

On the paid end though, we have 2 sites with different purposes for those wanting to go deeper…

First is, which is where you’ll find our video-on-demand trader training courses.  There are 2 courses there now (Basic & Advanced), with plans to add more in the future.  I personally put the courses together to meet the needs of both newbie traders (Basic Course) and experienced traders (Advanced Course) in order to get them to the next level.  All courses come with a money-back guarantee, although over 85% of those who have enrolled in the course never asked for their money back – a statistic we’re proud of which shows the obvious value provided in the course.

Next is, which is our subscription-based membership site where I personally put out a nightly newsletter (often with video) sharing a number of important items.  I begin with broad market analysis by discussing the current conditions and pointing out key levels to watch for, then get to individual stocks.  I’m highlighting the setups/patterns which are building right now and talking about what it will take for those patterns to confirm, and I’m outlining my personal trading plan for tomorrow’s session by sharing the stocks, levels, and rationale behind every trade.  Periodically there are trading lessons shared and special members-only features as well.

Should you happen to continue reading the free blog and enjoying the free videos, then great.  I’m here to help you get better, and you should feel zero pressure to do anything further.

However, if the things I’m sharing with you here are connecting with your needs and you’d like to dig in for a deeper market education, then we’d love to help you get started and you’re in the right place.  Check out the details on the stock trading courses as well as the stock pick service – both are risk-free and I stand behind them fully.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll of course be back shortly with more good stuff for you, just wanted to be sure you understand our brand and what we stand for since I haven’t made it clear in a while!

Trade Like a Bandit!

Jeff White
Producer of The Bandit Broadcast

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