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CyberTrader Client Summit

I just wanted to send a big THANKS to the great folks at CyberTrader for inviting me to participate in the first-ever CyberTrader Client Summit recently. It was a great time of interaction with a handful of other traders as well as a wonderful opportunity to get the full tour of the CyberTrader facility and a behind-the-scenes look at their entire operation. I’ve never seen so many safety nets in place for staffing, data, order routing venues, and so much more. They’ve really thought of everything, and they even test their backup plans regularly!

CyberTrader Elite

Simply the fact that CyberTrader was interested in inviting a handful of traders in for feedback reinforces to me that they care about the ongoing improvement of their product and services. I’ve seen this over the past few years in the enhancements they’ve added to the platform, but last week was confirmation of that. Because trading is my job and I’m a CyberTrader client, I was quite delighted to be reminded of just how important client feedback is to them.

To me, few things are worse than being a loyal customer of any business and getting the sense that your input doesn’t matter. Just last week (oddly enough), I had an issue with T-Mobile regarding my Treo (which was insured), and after going round & round with them on the phone about this issue, they still chose not to resolve it. I’ve been their customer for over 4 years, yet they’re more willing to lose my business than to make things right.

So you can imagine what a relief the CyberTrader experience was! They wined & dined us, spent hours showing us around the facility and visiting with us face to face to receive input on how they might not only retain existing clients, but improve the services and features they already offer. WOW. Someone that finally GETS IT!

I’ve got a great relationship with the fine people at CyberTrader already, and it pleases me a great deal to know that they value my input so much. I might be changing mobile phone providers, but I won’t be leaving CyberTrader anytime soon!

CyberTrader has so much to offer. There are plenty of real-time tools for every kind of trader, great commission rates, live help within the platform, and even more enhancements on the way!

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.

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  1. Jeff,

    Let us know if you plan on attending our Learning Curve Seminar/Subscribers Conference in San Diego. We would love to see you there!


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