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Worden SnapSheets – A Look at the Future

Back in early February of this year, I was fortunate enough to be invited to be part of a focus group for a brand new product Worden is about to roll out – SnapSheets. There were about two dozen of us there and we were the very first ones to get to see this incredible technology which has been under development for the last few years. I had no problem signing a confidentiality agreement in exchange for a shot at getting a Beta version of SnapSheets installed on my laptop. Although it’s been difficult, I did remain silent until now (I finally got permission!).

Originally called Blocks, SnapSheets integrates seamlessly with the new TeleChart 2007. SnapSheets is free for TeleChart users and gives you data analysis capabilities that exceed what you will find in professional platforms costing thousands. SnapSheets is going to revolutionize the way stock chartists and researchers tinker with data, because it allows the user to combine data sources all in one place – on the code level.

SnapSheets can be run as an add-on/companion product to TC2007 or you can run it standalone. Here are some of the types of things you can do with SnapSheets & TC2007:

– Create your own custom market indexes & indicators for any WatchList

– Tie your active symbol to Internet browsers as you “spacebar” through your charts

– Access many new tools including point & figure, swing charts, million-dollar bar, monthly cycles, tables & much more

– Create your own conditional “true markers” on your charts

– Count any condition historically with ridiculous speed

– Plot an indicator of any indicator – there’s no limit to daisy-chaining or mixing of data

– Display the distribution of stocks in a WatchList using pie charts

– Plot technical indicators of TeleChart’s fundamental criteria (requires optional historical data feed)

– Write your own indicators (1000 times more powerful than PCF’s)

– Save custom-layout SnapSheets of any number of charts, tables and tools

– Use data from any source and display it in any way you want, with “on the fly” calculations of anything you wish to create

Like I said, the possibilities are truly limitless and this product is going to be the solution to the needs of so many traders. Developers can even create their own “Blocks” using any .NET programming language.

Here are a few screenshots of TeleChart 2007 & SnapSheets:


Worden SnapSheets Table SnapSheets can easily produce a table displaying any data calculations you might want to see.
Worden SnapSheets Spinner SnapSheets allows you to add a ‘spinner’ to your charts for any indicator you want to change with just the click of an arrow or by entering a value. Want your moving average to be a 100-period average instead of a 9-period average? Use the spinner and it is instantly changed.
Worden SnapSheets Blocks SnapSheets can be changed right on the code level, and these “Blocks” can be pointed to send or receive data to any other source, making this the most versatile product available.

During the meeting I attended in Ft. Lauderdale back in February, Worden President Chris Worden and a few of Worden’s top programmers walked us through some examples of what SnapSheets is capable of and ways we could use it. We would suggest a bizzare calculation we wanted to see run on something like the component WatchList of the Russell 2000, like how many stocks were above their 50-day moving average back on July 12th of 1998, and the program could instantly display the results in any form. Think about that – a calculation on a couple of thousands of stocks over the course of numerous years done INSTANTLY! Even more amazing, this was calculated for all historical dates, so we could scroll through time and instantly see the calculation for any given date. Absolutely incredible!

Worden will soon be rolling out TeleChart 2007 with the SnapSheets installation, so if you’re a subscriber be on the lookout for it. If you aren’t a subscriber, click the banner below!

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.

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