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I’m Really Pumped About This

Last night at we announced The Bandit Bulletin, a premium interactive trading blog which I’ll be writing on trading days for members. In the Bandit Bulletin, I’ll be helping members take their trading to the next level with intraday trading ideas, chart reviews, educational articles, detailed market commentary, and much more.

At, we’re all about education, so this should be a huge benefit for those looking to learn as they look over my shoulder on a daily basis.

I get quite a bit of email from members with questions of all kinds every day (and I’ll continue answering it of course), but through The Bandit Bulletin everyone can learn simultaneously. The relaxed atmosphere of a blog just allows for an easy way to learn and interact with each other, so it should definitely be fun! It will also no doubt add a whole new dimension of service and greater value to the membership price (it’s included!).

Even free trial members can participate, so if you haven’t tried out the service with our risk-free 2 Week trial, what are you waiting for? Come on over and experience the award-winning service as well as my new members-only interactive blog!

(There’s also a Virtual Tour available if you’d like to check it out.)

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.
Come trade with us!

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