April 29, 2007 at 6:25 pm | | Comments 2

Will the Market Rest?

The market indexes have for the most part gotten rather extended in the short-term, with the big-cap averages leading the way. Some quality follow-through since the upside breakout has been very positive to see, but at this point the next best thing could be a rest.

Can the buyers stay away for long enough to allow some consolidation to set in? No telling for sure, but with plenty of economic news on this week’s agenda and still lots of earnings reports to roll in, this would seem to be a good opportunity.

The bulls could even keep things going with some rotation into small-caps while the big averages rest, so just because a rest seems due doesn’t mean the market needs to give much back. Be sure to check out this week’s Market View page over at for a closer look at the indexes tonight before you start your trading week.

Trade well this week!

Jeff White
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