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Protecting the Downside in Trading

This week’s Free Newsletter over at discusses the topic of Protecting the Downside in Trading.

Every one of us are at times driven by the big emotions that trading the markets inevitably brings, but if we do our job and protect the downside first, the other things will take care of themselves.

When I was first starting to trade, I would always look at how much I could make on a trade. It didn’t take long to realize I needed a good exit plan, so my mentality shifted. Now I start every trade with a look at the potential for downside, and I structure my trades accordingly. So for my thoughts on the subject, stop by and check out the Free Newsletter at

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Trade well this week!

Jeff White
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  1. I think that the applications of derivatives in the form of options is a venue that should be greatly explored when it comes to protecting your capital from a down side in any trade that will involve more than a single day. Protective puts, married puts, and collars offer good protection.

  2. When it comes to hedging, you are exactly right Vicente. However, I am mostly referring to just the discipline needed to cut a trade when it is time. Most inexperienced traders fail to set a “get-out” point, but if they would do that then they’d see much better results.


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