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Blocks Webinar

Just wanted to post a quick heads-up here regarding a webinar I’ll be attending on Monday evening for Blocks.

What’s New in Blocks Trader – Monday, May 19th 8-9pm ET

The webinar will be put on by a friend of mine, Worden’s Training Director, Craig Shipman. Craig has educated many thousands of traders on TeleChart (which I’ve used for almost a decade) and now Blocks (which I’m integrating more and more into my research). Needless to say, I have no doubt at all it will be worth attending for some tips & tricks on using this amazing charting software.

I wrote long ago how Blocks would “revolutionize the way stock chartists and researchers tinker with data, because it allows the user to combine data sources all in one place – on the code level.” I continue to be impressed with the way Worden is improving and updating the program, which is no surprise given the tremendous success they’ve had with TeleChart for so long.

To register and attend the Webinar:
Click the Blocks icon at the top of the page
The center of the next page will have the Webinar info.

Have a great weekend!

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.
Swing Trading & Day Trading Service

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  1. blocks look very interesting and it’s like a pivot table in Excel. drag n’ drop.

    i wonder how testing is like. you need to test to “Test your theories”. is it robust?

  2. Magic, sorry for the delayed reply – have been on vacation for a week. Yes Blocks is very robust and they have BackScanner, which allows you to test your theories. It’s very impressive not only in what it’s capable of, but also the speed with which it accomplishes it.


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