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It’s Go Time!

go-timeEarlier this week, I apologized for my absence and explained why I’ve been so quiet on the blog for the past few months.

Today is the Day

It’s here and it’s ready for you right now.

The Advanced Trading Course I have been so hard at work creating is now up and running.

Here’s the shortcut link to learn more for those of you who are in a hurry:  Advanced Trading Course.

For those of you who are curious what it involves, let me give you a quick rundown right here.

The Basic Trading Course brings beginners up to speed on all things trading, moving them beyond the buy-and-hope investor mentality and into the modern age of being a self-directed trader.

The Advanced Trading Course takes things well beyond the basics, covering all the specifics that today’s trader needs to have a handle on to compete in today’s environment.

Key timeframes like day trading, swing trading, and position trading are all covered in the course, including which conditions are ideal for each style, and a host of strategies which can be used for each of them.

For example, in the day trading segment, I show you my most profitable trading method for the past year, when and where to find those setups, and how I manage them.

That method alone was responsible for big profits I made in last week’s market mess, as I posted my best trading day in almost 2 years.

And that’s just one of the many which are covered.  Here are some others…

  • What my trading routine looks like
  • When I employ various styles of trading
  • How I track my progress
  • When I know it’s time to back down my size or build it up
  • Execution tactics
  • How to locate trades
  • Managing risk properly
  • Adding to winning trades the right way
  • Protecting profits
  • Much more…

I’ve put everything I know into this course, so that you can access my experience and expertise.

As a full-time trader now for more than a decade, I’ve seen it all, and I’ve been fortunate enough to survive and thrive as a trader.  All of the adjustments I’ve made, all the learning I’ve done, and all the mistakes I’ve endured have made me the trader I am today…and I’ve put all of it into this video-on-demand course.  I literally left nothing out.

So… if you’re seeing a disconnect between your level of passion for trading and the results you’ve been getting, head over and check out the Advanced Trading Course at

It’ll help you understand how to approach any market conditions you face, put together the right plan of attack, and execute it like a pro.

(Around here, we refer to that as knowing how to ‘Trade Like A Bandit.’ You’ll see what I mean in the course).

Jeff White

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