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Consistency Over Time

March 30, 2011 at 1:19 pm

trading-consistency-over-timeIt’s been said that good trading is a marathon – not a sprint.  I’ve said it too, because I agree.  Overnight riches come to very few, but the truly successful usually earn it over time.

Think about it…it takes some time to learn this game, to get comfortable, to evolve to where you’re agile enough and have the discernment to switch styles or approaches when the situation calls for it.  A newbie only does that out of desperation. In this game, experience pays.

Truth be told, March has been a tough month for me.  I’ve been whipped out of some trades, bought some highs and sold some lows.  Naturally, it has elevated my frustration level.  The good news is that I’ve been here before.  I’ve had those months where I have struggled, and every time I’ve been able to battle back – thankfully.  This time should be no different.

I’ve looked over some trading results today, and it was a good exercise.  I was reminded that there are occasional stretches where I give some back to the market.  But they’re just little phases, and they’re inevitably followed by good runs – so long as I keep after it.  I don’t have to make huge bets and get it all back in one trade, and I also don’t have to force trades in order to see my account back at highs.  I simply need to keep a level head and persist.

Ask any distance runner, and they’ll tell you it’s all about maintaining a steady pace.  The hills hurt, like losing trades, but you maintain your tempo and push through it.  Cadence is important to cyclists, so they shift gears along the way in order to maintain that rhythm.

Similarly, you and I size up when we’re in the groove, just a runner takes longer strides going downhill or a cyclist shifts to high gear.  When the road gets rougher or tougher on us, we scale back our size but we keep taking One Good Trade – that’s our job.

Trading at times feels like a fun run…achievement comes easy and you get the t-shirt as a bonus!  At other times, it feels like an ultramarathon for which you aren’t prepared.  Fortunately, we have the chance to rest along the way, and improve as we go.  Attitude is key, as is taking a long-haul approach with our career as traders – even if we love short-term charts!

How are you running your race?

Trade Like a Bandit!

Jeff White

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Charting App for Android – Finally!

March 11, 2011 at 12:31 pm

tc-mobileI became a smartphone user back in 2004, and for all this time I’ve waited for a charting app that was suitable for me.  I’ve long been able to manage positions and place trades from my phone, but what’s been lacking has been a customizable, high-quality, dedicated charting app – until now.

Worden has delivered excellent charting products for decades (I’ve been a Worden user since the 90’s), and now they have a charting app in the Android Market (iPhone app coming soon), TC2000 Mobile.

I downloaded it today, and it instantly exceeded my hopes for what it might do.  I had expected to be able to punch in symbols and pull up a chart or customize the look of the chart or timeframe, but was blown away when I realized it has all of MY watchlists from TC already in there – AND all my chart templates!

A few of my favorite features:

  • View your personal WatchLists in real-time
  • Run your EasyScans with your custom settings on the go
  • “Spacebar” through your WatchList charts by swiping right & left
  • Read the evening Worden Reports

The newest version of TC2000 is a go-anywhere, access anywhere (desktop, browser, and now mobile app) version that’s getting better every week with added features and regular improvements.  It’s just coming out of beta, and I’m thoroughly impressed with what it already offers.

Screenshots of the new TC2000 Mobile charting app:



The TC2000 Mobile charting app is available through Gold or Platinum service levels, so if you’re one of the many thousands of TC2000 users with an Android phone (or soon on the iPhone), this is a must-have trader app!

**Update:  iPhone app now available in app store.

Trade Like a Bandit!

Jeff White
Producer of The Bandit Broadcast

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Walking Away

March 3, 2011 at 3:31 pm

I caught Joey Fundora’s post today called It’s Okay to Take a Break From Trading.  He brings forth some excellent points, so go check it out.  And while Joey primarily addresses backing away when you feel you lack an edge (rightfully so) or when going on vacation, it got me thinking about the times when trading just becomes a little too important, and perhaps even a self-imposed staycation might be warranted.

When the Scales Are Tipping…

trading-perspectiveTrading is one of those activities that can put you on top of the world, or completely bury you – if you allow it.  And by “if you allow it,” I’m not referring to making or losing money.  After all, every one of us will have some good trades and some bad trades – that’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about allowing trading to be the all-important activity in your life.  If it’s sitting on that throne for you, then unfortunately, your daily satisfaction will hinge upon the color of your P&L.

That’s a really tough spot to be in.  It magnifies your mood swings from day to day, and honestly, it’s not healthy.  It’s no fun either.  If you’re driven (as I am), the up day’s don’t carry near the weight in satisfaction as the down days tend to carry in dissatisfaction – regardless of if you’re making more than you’re losing.  (Go back and re-read that sentence, because it’s a little confusing if you breeze through, but it’s of utmost importance.)

Stated otherwise, if I’m making good money on my up days and giving back only a portion of it on my down days, I’m net positive.  But if I’m allowing my personal happiness to be based upon my performance today (or yesterday or tomorrow), I’m in for a world of hurt.  I’m experienced, and I’ve been at this since the 90’s, so I have high expectations.  Taking the aforementioned personal-satisfaction-based-upon-P&L approach, when I make money, I’m pleased but I expect to.  When I lose money, I’m upset and the mood pendulum swings too far in a detrimental direction.

That’s a mistake which every one of us will at times make – but do not let it become a habit.

Work Hard & Let Go

Trading is hard.  Really, truly difficult.  Getting paid from your positioning takes real skill and experience, and that means you have to apply yourself to acquire those things.  You don’t acquire them without true desire and hard work, which means you’re invested…with your time, your money, and often times your esteem on the line.

Just this week I had a day where I hit my peak of frustration.  I didn’t smash any keyboards or scream at my computer or kick the dog, but I was running hot – and I hated it.  I carried it with me, and later realized I’m giving trading too much weight.  Yes, trading is what I do, and yes I have as strong of a desire to be successful at it as anyone else, but when I let a bad day bring me down the way I did, I’m giving it too much weight.  Trading’s an activity, it’s not who I am.  I have far too many other blessings in my life to place trading above them, but sometimes I need a reminder.

Maybe you need that reminder today as well – and here you go!  Work hard with your trading, aim high, but keep it in its rightful place.  As my buddy Bella says, Move On After a Trading Session. If you’re struggling to do that regularly, just walk away until you’re ready to return with a clear head and the proper perspective.

Trade Like a Bandit!

Jeff White
Producer of The Bandit Broadcast

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