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Coast to Coast, Congrats are in Order!

The results are in, and today’s t-shirt for the Seinfeld trivia has been claimed! Congratulations to Debra O. of Eugene, OR on winning today’s trivia with incredible accuracy! Her fast execution would certainly make her broker very proud! Debra, your t-shirt is on its way!

The correct answers were:
– George Costanza found a Titleist golf ball in the whale’s blowhole
– Cosmo Kramer hit the golf ball out into the ocean (it was the “one really good ball that went way out.”)

It’s fun to see trivia winners go coast to coast in only the first 2 weeks! Last week’s winner D.M. of North Carolina is representing on the east coast while Debra will now be flaunting our logo way out west.

Those of you who answered correctly but weren’t the first to do so, take heart! Next week, T-Shirt Trivia will return on Tuesday and you’ll have another shot at it. Thanks for participating and for reading!

T-shirt Trivia

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.

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