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Don’t Let Trading Be Everything

I love trading – it’s such a challenge with multiple rewards.  I look forward to it, I think about it alot, and I’m passionate about it so I work quite hard to continually improve at it.

But it’s good to constantly remind myself that trading isn’t everything.

It can’t be.  There’s too much more to life than just watching numbers and letters on the screen.  Trading is a means to an end, and for each of us that may be something different.  What we have in common though is that we have to keep trading in perspective.

One of the ways to ensure you’re doing that is to have off-the-screen goals.  Maybe you’ve got another hobby or you’re a runner or a cyclist or a golfer or you have a side business.  Whatever “it” is, the good thing is that you have it.  Don’t view it as a distraction – think of it as a necessary diversion.

Thinking about your trading constantly shows that it’s important to you, but it borders on obsessive and that’s not good.  Inevitably, there will be tough days filled with frustration, and that’s not something worth fixating on.  Being able to walk away from your desk and shift your mind to something else (once you’ve reviewed your trading session) is critical to your ability to return tomorrow mentally prepared.

Check out this post for more of my thoughts on The Importance of Off-the-Screen Goals.

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