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Be Specific

The 13th hole on my home course growing up was a tough driving hole in the spring and summer. It played into the prevailing south wind with thick rough on the left and an intimidating pond on the right, forcing me to pick a very specific target to aim at in order to avoid trouble. Every day I would select the chimney of a house in the distance as my target, focusing on it alone as I hit my drive. Not only did this give me something to aim at, it took my attention away from the areas (left rough and right pond) which were sure to bring doubt into my mind. I found that I hit the fairway on the 13th as often as any other hole on the course, all because I was so specific when choosing a target. Trading with a specific game plan will have the same effect. There are countless bad things that could happen to your trade, but planning your trade and focusing on your key levels for entries and exits will help you avoid trouble and fear.

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Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.

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