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Uptick Rule Ends, Short Selling Gets Easier

For those who have not already heard, the SEC has voted to remove the “short sale tick test”, Rule 17 CFR 240.10a-1 for all equity securities. Effective Friday, July 6, traders will be able to short all securities on an up, down, or zero tick.

WOW! All these years of having to wait for an uptick to grab a trade on the short side has finally resulted in the simple removal of the rule. This means that on Friday, short selling will be just as easy as buying a security, as the uptick rule will no longer apply. Faster fills on shorts will mean less slippage and a greater ability to add exposure on the dark side for those who are willing to trade it.

Up until now, ETF’s have been shortable on downticks, as well as select securities which were a part of the SEC’s short sale tick test. The Regulation SHO pilot program began in May 2005. It suspended all short sale price tests for a select group of over 1,000 equity securities. But now the gates will fling wide open and there will be no restrictions on what you can sell short on downticks other than if your broker has shares available to borrow.

Ironically, we just happen to be in quite a bull market with the NAZ at 52-week highs, so shorting heavily at this point may not be the solution to all your trading problems! Stay selective out there and don’t let a rule change dictate your next move. Stick with the charts and let them determine your course of action. It’s just that now when that calls for shorting a stock, it’ll be easier for you!

For more info regarding Rule 17 CFR 240.10a-1 and the SEC’s proposal to remove the rule, visit the following links:

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